Kira Winona Is A Dime & Proof That You Should Always Shoot Your Shot

Kira Winona is a German model and personal trainer, who is based in London and Amsterdam. She also happens to be the girlfriend of 22-year-old Brazilian forward and club Ajax soccer player David Neres. Why do we bring this up? Well, because Kira is the perfect example of why you should always shoot your shot.
Neres didn’t have the smoothest approach when he slid into Kira’s DMs, but the two are now dating which proves you never have anything to lose.
What was Neres’ go-to line when he tried to pick up the smokeshow model?
“German women apparently love Brazilian men,” he said in an interview with Het Parool. “I found her on Instagram and sent a private message: ‘I am David Neres, come to me.’ That was enough for a date.”
Well, gents, it looks like confidence is key. Congratulations, David.
For more photos of Kira, check out the pictures below and be sure to head on over to Instagram and click follow to join the growing list of more than 60,200 fans who can’t wait to see her next move.

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