Police Find Cali Teacher Drunkenly Asleep In Her Car, So She Wakes Up & Spits On Them

Janice Santana, a 39-year-old teacher in Osceola, California, was arrested on Saturday, April 6, for allegedly spitting on a police officer after she was pulled over.

According to a report from The Daily Commercial, Santana — of Saint Cloud, California — was found in Clermont, California, on Saturday, April 6, pulled over on the side of the road and asleep in the driver’s seat when initial officers arrived on the scene.

Then, when police backup arrived, Santana was this time found be to awake in the passenger’s seat, claiming that she had been in the passenger’s seat the entire time and had not been drinking.

Additionally, Santana claimed that her boyfriend was actually the driver of the vehicle and that the two of them were headed to a friend’s house.

The police report indicates that while Santana was initially speaking, she later claimed she could only speak Spanish when questioned by authorities. However, an officer who was on the scene was able to speak Spanish.

After failing her field sobriety test, Santana was arrested and taken to a local jail. When she arrived at the jail, she reportedly spat on one of the officers.

Santana has since been charged for drunk driving, spitting on the cop, and for refusing to sign her jail citation. Her specific charges have not been disclosed.

At the time of this writing, it is not clear what school Osceola Janice Santana is currently employed at and if she remains employed. Additionally, it is unclear when she was released from police custody.

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