Charly Caruso Makes WWE’s Backstage Interviews Worth Every Second Of Your Time

Charly Caruso, also known as Charly Arnolt, is the only reason you need to tune in to the WWE pay-per-view pre-shows. Caruso provides backstage interviews and commentary during live WWE events and the certified smokeshow will always capture your attention.

Caruso is also a former NBA and NFL announcer, and was hired by ESPN in the fall of 2018. She has filled in with hosting duties across the network, including SportsCenter and the morning show First Take, showing that ESPN understands its audience.

She was previously rumored to have been in a romantic relationship with WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, but those rumors were never confirmed. Rollins nor Charly ever commented on the rumors, as well.

Away from her work in the sports industry and professional wrestling, Caruso is a certified personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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Working on those bootyyy gains!! 🍑 Do I have your attention? Great 😉 Now stick with me here because I’ve got some exciting stuff to share! (I’m really burying the lede here, by the way.) – I’ve always been a huge gym rat…I love working out, I love sweating, I love pushing myself…but as a lifelong athlete, I also like having goals. Yeah, it’s nice to be toned and look good in a bikini, but I’m talking about more than that, which is why I recently set some new goals for myself—ones that are taking me outside my comfort zone! – First off, this is my first week working with @coachmarkcarroll! He trains some of the top female competitors in the world (his client @laurensimpson just became the WBFF Bikini World Champion) and has a wealth of information under his belt. One of the first things he asked me when we spoke was “what’s your goal?” So here we go… – I’m in the beginning stages of training for a powerlifting competition! It’s something I’ve been contemplating for a while and I’m finally ready to commit to the idea and the process (and it will be a long one). – The goal with Mark is to get a lot stronger on my core lifts, but also maintain my “girlish figure” by still keeping a focus on hypertrophy…in his words…”We’re going to get your butt extra big!!” HELL YES! – A timeline for competing hasn’t been set quite yet, as I need to gage my progress and evaluate from there…but I’m so excited to see what strides I can make from here on out!! – All this being said…where my powerlifters at?! Anyone have any tips? I want to keep you all included on my journey—oh, and you’ll all be the first to know when my ass gets its own area code 😂 . . . . #wwe #powerliftingmotivation #powerliftingwomen #goals #strongaf #nyc #newyork #weightlifting #bodybuilding #strength #women

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