It Should Be Argued That J. Lo Is Not Of This Earth

Jennifer Lopez, the Grammy-nominated singer, dancer, and actress, was born on July 24, 1969.
For further reference of just how long ago that truly was, we’ll put it to you like this: Jennifer Lopez was born just four days after the Apollo 11 spacecraft landed on the moon for the first time. Yes, J. Lo was born the same week as the freaking moon landing.
Yet, despite the fact that Lopez is currently hovering at around half-a-century years old, she is still one of the sexiest women on the planet by a long shot.

And just to further flex on the rest of the human female population, Lopez recently signed on to star in the stripper comedy film Hustlers alongside Cardi B and Constance Wu and got herself in THIS sort of shape for the role, despite the fact that she’s pushing 50-years-old:

But that isn’t the first time that J. Lo has stunted on the people of planet Earth, as she’s been posting straight fire to her Instagram for years now:

And now, to add insult to injury, Lopez recently got engaged to ex-New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez — although their brief engagement has not been without controversy, as two separate parties accused Rodriguez of allegedly cheating on Lopez.
First, controversial ex-MLB All-Star Jose Canseco tweeted that Rodriguez had an affair with his ex-wife Jessia Canseco. Then, just two short weeks later, ex-Playboy model Zoe Gregory accused A-Rod of “sexting” her just weeks before he proposed to Lopez.
“He was being like a dirty dog. He seemed like a needy, horny bloke,” Gregory said to The Sun.
However, neither Lopez nor Rodriguez have publicly responded to the allegations, so we’re gonna assume J. Lo is letting that one slide … for now.
Make sure to follow Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, where she currently has over 9 million followers, to keep up with all of her latest IG heat for yourself.

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