Fabiana Rosales de Guaido Turns Heads At Meeting With President Trump

Fabiana Rosales de Guaido, born on April 22, 1992, in Tovar, Venezuela, is the wife of Venezuelan opposition leader and United States-recognized acting president Juan Guaido.
Speaking to USA Today, Rosales de Guaido said that the reason she got into the political arena is that she wants to bring change to her country.
“Look, I am the wife of President Juan Guaido and I will accompany him on whatever route he takes and we will overcome whatever obstacles we face as we have done through all our years together. But I got involved in politics because I want to change my country,” Rosales de Guaido said.
On Wednesday, March 27, Fabiana Rosales de Guaido met with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence at the White House to discuss the United States’ support of her husband Juan Guaido’s attempt to restore democracy to the embattled country.
President Trump told Fabiana that “we [the United States] are with you 100%.”

Fabiana and Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaido have one child together, a young daughter named Miranda Guaidó Rosales.







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