WATCH: Costa Rica Motorbike Race Turns Into All-Out Fistfight (VIDEO)

When you go to a motorcycle race, one of the last things you expect to see is a fistfight on the track, but that is exactly what happened in a bizarre scene between Jorge Martinez and Marion Calvo during the Costa Rica National Motorbike Championship.
The two men were taking a turn on the track when their bikes made contact.
Martinez and Calvo’s bikes continued to be glued onto each other until Martinez jumped onto Calvo’s bike from behind. Once they came to a stop, Martinez tossed a right hand to Calvo’s head before walking to fetch his bike.
While making the way to his bike, Calvo retaliated by pushing Martinez from behind as the hilarity ensued.
The incident initially took place in February, but the video has surfaced once again with the Latin American Motorcycle Association announcing two-year bans for by riders for their involvement in the midtrack skirmish. The situation is entertaining to watch, but things could have been much worse if other drivers were unable to avoid the melee in their path.
You can check out the video of the wild scene below.

Two motorcyclists have been suspended for two years following a fight that erupted when the pair clashed during a race last month. Jorge Martínez threw the first punch at competitor Marion Calvo after blaming the rider for causing him to lose his balance during the first stage of Costa Rica’s National Motorbike Championship in February.

This all brings back memories of the classic video game Road Rash. The six-game series was released by Electronic Arts for Sega Genesis and later on Game Boy Advance where the riders would drive through the course with weapons, kicks and punches in an attempt to knock your opponents off of their bikes. Ah, the good ole days.
Check out gameplay from the classic Road Rash games below.

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