Social Media Star YesJulz Under Fire For Racist Comments

YesJulz, born Julieanna Goddard, is a self-described “entrepreneur, global influencer, talent manager, philanthropist, and social media powerhouse.” Julz is the CEO of 1AM Entertainment and has also been featured on albums from artists like Kanye West and Nas.
Recently, YesJulz found herself in the headlines for comments about Scottie Beam and Karen Civil.
The online community has been bashing YesJulz for her comments, which were perceived as racist, which is something she has also been accused of doing in the past.

One person sticking up for YesJulz, however, is Daniel Caesar.
“You can be offended that’s fine, but to not allow people to say what they want doesn’t help you. Yo, are we winning right now as a culture, are we on top of society? We’re not. You can’t win the game by choosing to not accept the winning team’s strategy,” Caesar said in a video rant on Instagram.
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