UFC Star Tony Ferguson Hit With Restraining Order From Wife After Multiple Police Visits

Former UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson has been out of action since an October 6, 2018 victory over former titleholder Anthony Pettis at UFC 229. Unfortunately, it looks like any return to action could be delayed due to some very troubling allegations and apparent personal issues.
According to MMAjunkie.com, Ferguson’s wife Cristina has filed a domestic violence restraining order which is an “order that helps protect people from abuse or threats of abuse from someone they have a close relationship with.”
The report details at least five police incidents where law enforcement responded to Ferguson’s home due to domestic disturbances. It is important to note, however, that Ferguson was never arrested or charged with a crime. The details in the complaints are very troubling and show increasing paranoia from Ferguson.
From TMZ Sports:

Police documents show … cops were called to Ferguson’s home in Santa Ana, CA on Feb. 19, after a woman told authorities Tony hadn’t slept in 3 days and was “tearing apart the home.” The woman also told police Tony “believed someone placed a [computer] chip in his leg.” Another person at the home told cops Tony had said he believed “someone was inside his walls.” During an incident on Feb. 16, Tony’s wife told cops Tony “kept throwing ‘Holy Water’ at her.”

Ferguson’s friends and loved ones reportedly urged the UFC champion to see a doctor, but he had been refusing.
These reports come two days after UFC president Dana White hinted at some personal issues that were preventing Ferguson from fighting. In an Instagram comment, White wrote “Tony is dealing with a lot of personal issues right now and can’t fight. Hopefully things turn around for him and he can get back in there.”
Ferguson reportedly recently turned down an April 13 fight for the interim lightweight title at UFC 235. He has not made a public statement at this time regarding the allegations. His management is instead describing it as a “personal matter.”

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