Cops Bust Man For Two Weed Pipes & Grinder, Act Like They Caught Pablo Escobar

The Fort Bend County Constable’s Office — located on the outskirts of Houston, Texas — is dedicated to making sure the streets are safe. The authorities are so willing to take any criminal off the street that they took to social media to brag about one of their latest busts.
Unfortunately, it was quite the dud.
The Constable’s Office tweeted out a photo of drug paraphernalia that they took after a recent bust but acted like they were taking down Pablo Escobar.
The drug bust simply included two glass pipes and a weed grinder.
“While conducting a traffic stop, Deputy Stillabower confiscated a grinder and 2 glass pipes. Driver was cited for Possession of Paraphernalia. Proud of all Pct 3 Deputies,” they wrote on social media.
Wow, well done.
Here is the hilariously embarrassing tweet.

Of course, the Constable was roasted on social media.
“Quick record searches show multiple unsolved murders in Fort Bend County, and too many outstanding warrants to count,” one Twitter user wrote. “I guess when you really have nothing substantial to be proud of, you’ll settle for anything. ¯_(ツ)_/¯”
Another added: “better get warrants for the entire neighborhood in case there’s wizard bong hidden in someone’s attic.”
And, of course, there were memes and GIFs to follow.
God bless the internet. It remains undefeated.

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