Tristan Thompson Has Got Himself A New Side Piece

You know what they say you’re supposed to do when you fall off your bike, right? Get back on that sucker and try again! And BOY is our BOY Tristan Thompson living his life by that motto to the fullest.
After getting caught cheating with Kylie Jenner‘s best friend Jordyn Wood a few weeks back, Thompson got himself promptly dumped by Khloe Kardashian again, which is approximately the 371st time that the two have broken up over the last year or so.
But what does Tristan do after getting kicked to the curb? Did he buy her a dozen roses and show up outside of her window with a boombox? No. Did he buy her some jewelry that’s worth the same price of a car? No.
No, our boy Tristan got right back on his bike and went right back to work. What a savage. But with who? Instagram “model” Karizma Ramirez, that’s who!

Karizma Ramirez — born on September 11, 1991 — has an Instagram account that you can attempt to follow, however, she’s wisely set her account to private, so good luck with that one, Chief.
Plus, now with these Kardashian/Thompson/Jenner rumors swirling around her, we have a feeling that her account is going to stay on private for some time.

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