THR Alleges Actress Charlotte Kirk Had An Affair With Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara

Charlotte Kirk, born in Kent, England, is a British actress who made internet headlines in March of 2019 due to an alleged relationship with Warner Bros. chairman Kevin Tsujihara.

According to a feature published by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, March 6, Kirk was involved in a “sexual relationship” with Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara after being introduced by Australian billionaire James Packer back in 2013.

The Hollywood Reporter, who was able to obtain “hundreds” of texts, emails, and a draft settlement agreement, claims that as Tsujihara’s and Kirk’s relationship progressed, she began to demand to be cast in TV shows and movies to the point that director Brett Ratner accused her of “extortion.”

“You’re very busy I know but when we were in that motel having sex u said u would help me and when u just ignore me like you’re doing now it makes me feel used. Are u going to help me like u said u would?” a March 3, 2015 text message from Kirk to Tsujihara read.

Kirk was eventually cast in two Warner Bros. films: How to Be Single in 2016 and Ocean’s 8 in 2018.

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Following the release of the explosive story, Kirk provided the following statement to The Hollywood Reporter, denying their allegations:

“I emphatically deny any inappropriate behavior on the part of Brett Ratner, James Packer, and Kevin Tsujihara, and I have no claims against any of them. I confirm that I was in a romantic relationship with James Packer in the summer of 2013 and that I was treated with respect by Mr. Packer, and I have no issues with him or claims against him,” Kirk states.

“I further confirm that when the relationship ended I sought the advice of Mr. Tsujihara whom I had been introduced to by Mr. Packer. Mr. Tsujihara never promised me anything. I also confirm that Brett Ratner helped me out of friendship to assist me in getting auditions and trying to help me find an agent, and I have no issues with him or claims against him,” she continues.

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