Aurora McCreary Will Be Your New Favorite ‘Survivor’ Contestant

Aurora McCreary is a cast member of the upcoming season of Survivor: Edge of Extinction. The 32-year-old divorce lawyer will begin her time in Fiji as a member of the Kama tribe. In her official bio, Aurora describes herself as “direct, ruthless, and athletic.”

Entering the show, Aurora explained that she is a longtime fan of the show and shared her thoughts on why she could bring home the win.

“I love the show and have been obsessed with it since the beginning. I want to be in the depths of the conversations, manipulations, and absolute psychological warfare. Also, the competitions look like so much fun,” she told CBS. “Oh no, I have to stand in the middle of the blue ocean and prove I’m a badass—GAME ON!

“I will bring my analytical skills. I’m good at going into a situation knowing what I want, reading others, and finding out what drives them, manipulating the situation to make them think my goal is theirs. I have the ability to take the personal side out and bring forth the cutthroat side.”

Survivor: Edge of Extinction kicks off Wednesday, February 20.

For more photos of Aurora, check out the pictures below and be sure to head on over to Instagram and click follow to join the growing list of just over 2,000 fans who can’t wait to see her next move.

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Growing up I was the smart child. Then I was the weird overweight teen. Slowly I turned into the athletic woman. But the last six months have really tested who I am and who I identify myself as. Between losing weight to feel confident and strong to depleting my body and thinking it was beautiful it has been a whirlwind. I’ve had a long six months of feeling weak but happy and lean. Of binging and yet hating watching the scale move higher than it has in years. Of feeling like i can’t complete a workout or lift. I’m starting this New Year knowing that no matter my size, I am beautiful and that through practice and hard work my strength and endurance will return. I promise to not make a list of hates and wants and then be disappointed when I can’t make everything happen. I will choose to be happy and proud of myself. I will choose to love myself.

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Winter in Florida. Loving life.

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