WATCH: UMass-Amherst Students Brawl After Patriots Super Bowl Win

The New England Patriots won Super Bowl 53 over the Los Angeles Rams, so you knew that there would be some wild celebrations in the streets of Boston. They did not disappoint.
At a celebration at UMass-Amherst, however, it turned into a unique brawl.
Two students from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst were seen throwing some wild haymakers at each other in the middle of a crowd. Two women were lifted onto the shoulders of two men in the crowded celebration before they began duking it out.
The Boston Globe says approximately 6,000 fans gathered to celebrate the franchise’s latest Lombardi Trophy.
Police reportedly made multiple arrests during the mayhem.
Here is video of the mid-crowd brawl:

It’s safe to say that Tom Brady got the upper hand in this little scuffle, but there are a few questions raised. 1) Why in the world would two Patriots fans be going after each other in a moment like this and 2) why didn’t the two dudes duke it out instead?
Oh, and did anyone else notice the girl in the gray sweatshirt appeared to be smiling and having fun?
There was way too much going on.
But anyway, the night ended on a high note for Patriots fans across the country with the team pulling off a 13-3 victory to claim their sixth Lombardi Trophy. Wide receiver Julian Edelman was named the Super Bowl MVP.

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