Cardi B Drags Tomi Lahren Once Again Over 21 Savage Comments

Cardi B is back at the throat of conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren. This time, it’s over Tomi’s comments regarding hip hop star 21 Savage, who was recently arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a targeted operation.
According to reports, 21 Savage was actually a citizen of the United Kingdom who overstayed his nonimmigrant visa.
After news surfaced, Lahren took to Twitter to release a snide remark.

Cardi responded with, “Don’t make me get my leash” which was a nod to her previous comment about Lahren where she said “I will dog walk you” after a previous political discussion.
There is also the fact that this video of Lahren exists online.

Well, isn’t that interesting.
Do what you gotta do to get the bag. And regardless of what is really going on here, we are all-in on a beef between one of the hottest artists in the rap game and one of the most controversial political commentators on the planet.

What Happened?

Rapper 21 Savage, born Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, has been arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Atlanta, Georgia. According to ICE spokesman Bryan Cox, the rap star is an “unlawfully present United Kingdom national” and is set to be deported.

21 Savage is alleged to have entered the United States legally in 2005, but overstayed his non-immigrant visa after it expired. It was previously reported that 21 moved to DeKalb County, Georgia in July 2005, but it was never clear where he came to the Atlanta area from.
21 Savage Arrested By ICE; May Be Deported To UK
21 Savage Arrested By ICE; May Be Deported To UK
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