Anthony Scaramucci Quits 'Celebrity Big Brother 2'

It looks like Anthony Scaramucci has had enough of reality television. The Mooch was a cast member on season 2 of CBS’s Celebrity Big Brother which premiered on Monday, January 21. However, when the show’s live feeds were turned on following Day 2 of the season premiere, Scaramucci was nowhere to be found.
The following day, The Mooch re-appeared in Davos, Switzerland.
Scaramucci’s reappearance confirms that he has quit the show where he was nominated on the second episode. Leaving the show in the first week also leaves The Mooch coming up short of his goal to last longer in the Big Brother house than he did in the White House.
During his interview in Switzerland, Scaramucci reflected on his time on the show.
“[It was] a tremendous amount of fun. There’s a lot of intellectuals that are like, ‘WTF, what’s he doing on Big Brother’ But you have to remember I grew up in a blue collar family so you have to remember that America watches these shows. You don’t want to unplug yourself totally from America,” he said.

CBS has yet to comment on the news that The Mooch — who was heavily featured in the show’s promotion leading up to the season premiere — has left, but we can expect to see an update on his situation and what led to his departure on an upcoming episode of the show.

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