If You Don't Know Who Noor Tagouri Is Then It's Time To Learn

Noor Tagouri is a popular journalist, activist, and speaker who is gaining attention after being mischaracterized in the February issue of Vogue. The Libyan-American was featured in the magazine, but rather than being called an activist and journalist, Vogue identified her as a model.
“In the February issue of Vogue the writer and activist Noor Tagouri (@noor) was misidentified in a caption as ‘actor, director, and model Noor Bukhari.’ We are sincerely sorry for the mistake. We were thrilled at the chance to photograph Tagouri and shine a light on the important work she does, and to have misidentified her is a painful misstep. We also understand that there is a larger issue of misidentification in media—especially among nonwhite subjects,” Vogue wrote in a statement on social media.
“We will try to be more thoughtful and careful in our work going forward, and we apologize for any embarrassment this has caused Tagouri and Bukhari.”
Tagouri currently has a podcast titled “Sold In America” and was the first woman in Playboy to wear a hijab.
She is outspoken about sex-trafficking in the Muslim-American community and continues to be an outspoken activist to this day.
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