Ayelle Is A Rising R&B Star That You Need To Know

Ayelle is one of the rising stars in the R&B industry and artist that everyone needs to start paying attention to. The London artist has been gaining traction after her new single “Obvious” which has begun to gain popularity.

“I wrote this track with Jonah Stevens who also did some co-production on my latest EP Slow Clap. It’s got a playful vibe to it that I haven’t really explored that much before,” she told Complex.

“Songwriting is constantly helping me work through my emotions and this one is about being in a long distance relationship. It’s important to realise that your feelings aren’t always obvious to the other person, sometimes you have to remind them.”

She tries to bring a laidback, minimalist approach to music, but also tries to focus on her lyrical ability.

“It’s about those initial stages of meeting someone new and being intoxicated with them,” Ayelle she said in an interview. “You then become blind to their flaws and think that there’s nothing that you’d want to change, which usually doesn’t turn out to be the case. It’s sweet and naive but hopeful, that there might be a person who you wouldn’t want to change, and that could share your space without invading it.”

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