Ed Buck Net Worth 2024: How Much Is Democratic Donor Worth?

Ed Buck, born in August 1954 in Steubenville, Ohio, is a political activist and Democratic Party donor who is best known as the founder of the Mecham Watchdog Committee.

Ed Buck Net Worth 2019

At this time, while it is known that Buck is a political donor to the Democratic party, his net worth is not known as none of his finances are currently publicly available.
By the age of 32, Buck reportedly owned a house in Phoenix worth $280,000.
During his political career, Buck has donated “nearly $30,000” to Democratic candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Ted Lieu, Pete Aguilar, and Raja Krishnamoorthi. He has also donated to the “Getting Things Done PAC.” You can find the full list of Buck’s political donations here.
In 2016,  Buck contributed $2,750 to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election campaign.

Ed Buck Life & Career

In the year 1987, as the founder of the Mecham Watchdog Committee, Buck led the campaign to impeach Arizona Republican Governor Evan Mecham. Mecham is infamous for being first United States governor to face removal from office through impeachment, a scheduled recall election, and a felony indictment. Additionally, Mecham was the first Arizona governor in the history of the United States to be impeached.
On July 27, 2017, Gemmell Moore, a male escort, was found naked and lifeless on a mattress in Buck’s apartment in West Hollywood, California. While searching Buck’s home, police found sex toys and drug paraphernalia such as syringes, glass pipes, plastic straws, and plastic bags.
The L.A. County Coroner’s Office eventually ruled Moore’s cause of death to an accidental methamphetamine overdose. While Moore’s death was investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, prosecutors announced on July 26, 2018, that they would not be charging Buck.
On Monday, January 7, 2019 — 18 months after Moore was found dead in Buck’s apartment –another deceased male was found at Buck’s residence.
At the time of this writing on Tuesday, January 8, NBC News reports that Seymour Amster, an attorney for Buck, said that his client was not in police custody and had not been charged in connection with the death of the unidentified male.

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