Turns Of The 'FIJI Water Girl' Is A Stunning Model Named Kelleth Cuthbert

While the 2019 Golden Globes were largely a snoozefest, there was one mildly entertaining aspect of the night … a random chick holding a tray of FIJI Water popping up in the background of countless red carpet photos.
In an obvious (and admittedly successful) attempt to go viral, boujee bottled water brand FIJI Water had a model pop up throughout the night behind various celebrities posing for red carpet photos holding a tray of the aforementioned thirst-quencher.

Well, it turns out that the FIJI Water Girl is a gorgeous Los Angeles, California-based Canadian model named Kelleth Cuthbert.
According to her official website, Cuthbert is quite busy as she is repped by multiple agencies in multiple cities around the globe, such as Wilhelmina in Los Angeles and Chicago, Plutino in Toronto, Specs in Montreal, Heffner in Seattle, Key in Vancouver, Donna Baldwin in Denver, I Model, in Calgary, and East West in Frankfurt, Germany.
Cuthbert spoke to Toronto Verve for an in-depth interview back in May 2018, where she discussed her career as a social worker prior to becoming a model:

I think it’s [coming from a background in social work] made me a better listener. I feel like I’ve always been a person that people feel comfortable sharing their stories with, and being on set can be kind of an intimate experience. You’ll travel with teams of people and spend a lot of time with them. It’s a good quality to be able to relate to everyone. I spend a lot of time with hair and make-up. I hear a lot of make-up artists’ stories [laughs]. It’s made me more in tune with what other people are experiencing.

You can follow Kelleth on her Instagram account, where she has over 90,000 followers.
















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