Top 10 University Rankings 2019: Which One Is Right For You?

Getting into an ivy league is undoubtedly one of the dreams every student wants to achieve. The struggle is definitely harder than you would think, but with the right GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and extracurricular activities, the whole world is yours. With that being said, 2019 is knocking on our doors! With everyone striving to graduate from prestigious universities, which ivy league/top university is best for you?

10. John Hopkins University

Mason Hall, at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.


A private institution founded in 1876, it currently ranks 10th in the best universities in the United States. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,109 students, with the average cost per year to be $60,820. They are known for many majors such as Biological & Biomedical Sciences, Engineering (Biomedical, Electrical & Environmental), Human Development & Family Studies, Health Sciences, Humanities, Physical & Mathematical Sciences, and International Affairs & Development. Degrees such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, Graduate’s and Ph.D.’s are offered as well. Johns Hopkins also offers scholarships and grants, going up to $40,617 during 2016 academic years, according to U.S. News data.

9. University of Pennsylvania

Very old building in University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Founded by Benjamin Franklin, the historical meaning in this institution is profound. It has a campus size of 299 acres with a total of 10,033 undergrads. Penn has a total of 12 schools, with five offering undergraduate and graduate studies, and seven offering graduate studies. Some of UPenn’s ranked graduate programs include Wharton School, School of Education, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Law School and School of Medicine. Other graduate programs such as its School of Design and School of Dental Medicine are also notable and well known. Currently, it costs around $75,303 for a full academic school year, with financial aid offered. It is currently ranked 9th in the list of the top 10.

8. Duke University

ncient building in Duke University, North Carolina USA i


Ranked number 8 out of the top universities, Duke University is divided into 10 schools and colleges that include high ranking schools such as Fuqua School of Business, Pratt School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Medicine, Sanford School of Public Policy and School of Nursing. One of the renounced programs Duke has is the Robertson Scholar’s Leadership Program, in which it provides about 18 students from each class with a four-year scholarship and the opportunity for unique academic and extracurricular opportunities. According to US News, some notable alumni that were in this program are Melinda Gates, NBA player Carlos Boozer, and former U.S. Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul. Tuition for an academic year is currently $55,960.

7. Stanford University

Stanford University Hoover Tower.


Located in California’s Bay Area, Standford isn’t far from the robust city of San Francisco. With a huge campus that spans across 8,180 acres, they have seven schools offering undergraduate courses and three serving graduates. These schools are the School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Law, School of Medicine and Graduate School of Business. They are also well known for their prestigious tennis and golf programs that are some of the finest in the world. They have around 17,178 students enrolled and the school charge tuition to be around $51,354 per year. Think of all the money they’re making! But considering the size of the campus, I assume its necessary to charge quite a hefty price.

6. Yale University

Yale University campus lit up at the evening


Yale University is an Ivy League currently ranked number 3 with many other universities but is ranked last out of them, according to US News. But that doesn’t take away the amazing programs and education it provides to its students. Founded in 1701, they are known for their Law School, School of Management, School of Medicine, School of Art and School of Nursing. They also have an excellent drama and music programs that have won many awards over the years. With over 12,794 students, tuition is currently sitting at $53,430 a year.

5. University of Chicago

Ivy clad halls of the University of Chicago campus


Also ranked number 3 with Yale, MIT, and Columbia University, the University of Chicago gives their students the opportunity to choose from more than 100 majors and minors. A fun fact to know is that former President Obama once taught Law here for 12 years! Offering classes from their high ranking schools of Business, Law, Medicine and Public Policy Studies, it attracted over 13,736 students to register here to study and participate in the 400 student organizations it offers. Also, for those who are into sports, this institution is famous for their wrestling and basketball programs. Tuitions are currently sitting at $57,006 per year.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The historic architecture of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT is divided into 5 schools that focus on scientific and engineering research. These schools are the school of Science, Engineering, Architecture and Planning, Management, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, and Health Sciences and Technology. But the biggest school in MIT would be the school of Engineering wherein 2016, 5,700 of its 11,300 students were in Engineering. But this school isn’t quite on the cheap side either, with tuitions starting with the average price of $51,832.

3. Columbia University

Statue facing a Columbia university campus building


Being one of the Ivy League schools itself, they have been one of the top-notch university for decades. Located in Upper Manhattan, New York City, it is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in NY. It is currently the US’ third most selective college with only an average acceptance rate of 5.5%. It offers its highly ranked schools of Business, Law, Journalism, Dental and Physicians and Surgeons that attracted over 25,968 students to its campus. It also has three main schools that are catered towards undergraduates, Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of General Studies. Tuition here starts at $59,430 per year.

2. Harvard University

Harvard University during the springtime


Previously known to be the best university in the United States, it doesn’t seem to be holding that mantle anymore for 2019. It is currently ranked second place after Princeton University but is still a place where many students are striving to get in. Founded in 1636, it earned its right to claim itself to be the oldest university in the Ivy League. Its Business and Medical schools are among the best in the world, as well as its Education, Engineering, and Law schools. May I include that it also has the largest extensive library collection in the world? Currently, it enrolls around 20,604 students with tuition and fees to cost around $50,420 a year. But if tuition is an issue, it has a generous financial aid program with over $160 million awarded.

1. Princeton University

East Pyne Hall at Princeton University


Being the top dog for the year of 2019, this Ivy League university is located in Princeton, New Jersey. Settled in an area with 600 acres of land for their 8,273 students, they offer an education that is on par with other Ivy Leagues but with a slight twist. One unique feature of this school is that they require their undergraduate students to write a senior thesis or to take on an independent project before graduation. Princeton has two renounced graduate schools such as the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and School of Engineering and Applied Science. Some of the alumni include U.S President Woodrow Wilson and former first lady Michelle Obama. Tuition starts at $47,140 a year.

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