Texas Chick Savagely Dumps Cheating Boyfriend During The Middle Of Her Birthday Speech

As they say, justice is a dish best served prior to birthday cake, and that’s exactly what 21-year-old Texas woman Tiana Perea did.
Perea, who is from Houston, Texas, was celebrating her 21st birthday with some friends when she unleashed her break-up scheme.

“Is this the right thing to do when your bf cheats on you?” Perea asked when she posted the video on Thursday, December 13.

The speech began just like any other birthday speech, with Tiana thanking her friends for celebrating with her. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, Tiana turns her attention to her then-boyfriend Santos, who was apparently trying to cheat on her with another girl.
“I’d like to thank Santos for making me realize I deserve so much better. Because every single person here knows you were trying to f*** with some girl. All of us have seen screenshots … you were sexting her and sending her videos,” Perea says to the unsuspecting Santos, who could not look more guilty.

“You literally sent her the same picture you sent me today,” Perea continues. “In case you didn’t figure it out, we’re over and you can get the f**k out.”

Her friends react as any good squad should, promptly going apeshit and hyping Perea up.
So, fellas, what did we learn? Well, first, don’t cheat on your significant other — that should be obvious. Second, if you do, no paper trail. Don’t brag to your boys, don’t send Snapchats with your face in it — this is day one stuff.
And lastly, if you do cheat, keep your head on a damn swivel, because this is just further proof that girls can absolutely blow your world up at any moment.
Because if you don’t follow those rules, you’ll end up like Santos, whose epic dumping has since been viewed more than 5.8 million times on Twitter.

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