Aggie Lal's Instagram Account Is Legitimately Beautiful

Aggie Lal, AKA @travel_inhershoes, is an Instagram model & influencer who has one of the most stunning accounts we’ve seen so far, to be honest. On Instagram, Lal currently has over 870,000 followers and will surely cross 1 million in no time. Additionally, she has over 50,000 subscribers on Instagram.
Lal was born in Warsaw, Poland, before moving to Australia when she was 19-years-old. While in Australia, Lal suffered two car accidents before graduating from college. After graduating from college, she moved from Australia to Los Angeles, California.
During her travels, Lal says she has sailed across the Pacific, lived in a Zulu village in Africa, and studied on three different countries in three different continents: Brazil, Australia, and Poland. In total, Lal says she has visited over 53 countries.
Before becoming an Instagram influencer, Lal says she used to be a TV host, starred in television commercials, and worked at MTV. She also says that she has worked “on a few Hollywood productions.”
In her YouTube bio, Lal describes herself as an “adventurer, inner peace seeker, nature addict, sailor, explorer, hiker, filmmaker, story-teller, and an obsessive learner.”
As someone who’s been everywhere and done it all, Lal says that the biggest adventure of her life so far was “Spending 54 days at sea without any communication with the outside world.”
Since becoming a world-traversing Instagram influencer, Lal has curated one of the most gorgeous accounts in the world, as you can see for yourself below:

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