Let’s Check Up On The Girl Dolphins WR Danny Amendola Got Caught “Cheating” With

Back in November, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola was dumped by his Sports Illustrated swimsuit model girlfriend Olivia Culpo because he was caught getting cozy with another stunning brunette in Miami while Culpo was away for a shoot.

Amendola, who has been dating Culpo on-and-off (they previously broke up in March 2018 only to rekindle their relationship later in the year) for the last couple years, was pictured getting close with Bianca Castillo Peters, a traffic anchor and sports reports for CBS4 in Miami.

As for why Amendola thought it’d be cool for him to just casually get caught chilling with another smoke is beyond me, but for whatever the reason, you gotta respect the swag it takes.

The Women On The Beach Spotted WIth Danny Amendola Is A Sports Reporter  https://t.co/zFdY2psoKG

— Terez Owens (@TerezOwens) October 31, 2018

Sure, Culpo is literally one of the most beautiful women in the world (she won Miss Universe in 2012), but Amendola apparently doesn’t give AF. In Amendola’s mind, there are plenty of women out there and not a single one of them are too good for him. That’s an elite mentality that demands respect from average joes such as you and I.

Now, this isn’t anything against Castillo Peters, who is an out-and-out 10 in her own right.

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