Here's How To Cope When Your College Sports Teams Suck

Do you go to college? Does your college sports team suck? Be honest, did you imagine going to football, basketball, or baseball games cheering on your team to win their division or tournament. But, now, you are praying that your team doesn’t lose again. You get used to your team losing and end up not showing up to their games. You get bored on Saturday’s and sometimes beg your neighboring college friends to invite you to their tailgates. First, take a breath, yes your team sucks but there are ways to cope. These coping tips may not make your team better, but it will help you feel less bored and give you something to do instead of sitting in your dorm room, alone, on a Saturday night. Here are some ways to cope when your college sports teams suck.

Support The Underdog

This is a long shot, but it’s fun to think of your team as an underdog. Any team is capable of winning. And one win against a top-ranked team will make that win much sweeter than you can imagine. Then going from winning that one game can go into winning a few more. But, root for your team to be that underdog who beats the top dog. Seeing the other team’s humiliation is fun to celebrate.

Make A Game Out Of It

Who wants to drink? If your team really sucks, and you know that they are going to get trounced, why not make a drinking game out of it? Make rules, like if the other team scores you take a shot. Or, if your team loses the ball, you take a shot. You can make it funny if your coach throws his clipboard take two shots. Or, if the ref gets hit by the ball or player finish your drink. You may get plastered and blackout later in the night, but, at least you had fun.


Bringing back drinking again. Not drinking games, but plane drinking. Anything can be fun if you add alcohol. Literally, anything! Why do you think parents drink during kid’s birthday parties? Alcohol numbs the pain of your team losing. You can drink alone or have some fun and drink with friends. But, whatever you do, if your team does suck, don’t show up to the game sober.

Go All Out

Your team may suck, but it’s still your team. Be supportive and go all out as being a fan. Paint your face, get dressed up, scream your lungs out. Every team needs support, and it can’t just come from their parents who have to cheer for them no matter what. Believe in your team with finishing their season with at least one win.

Find A New Team
This is your last resort. We do not suggest this, but it’s an option. You may have some nearby colleges who are much better than your college. You meet people there, find friends, and learn to like their team much more than yours. Not just because their colors match more than yours, but because they know how to play sports and know how to win. So, you ditch your college and pretend to be a student at another, just for Saturday’s.

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