Texas Southern University Bomb Threat: Full Story & Must-See Details

Texas Southern University was evacuated on Wednesday afternoon due to a possible bomb threat. “Students, faculty, and staff of Texas Southern University are urged to evacuate campus due to a threat received from Houston Police Department. All TSU classes are canceled for the remainder of the day,” a tweet from the university read. “Due to a threat made against the Texas Southern University campus, classes are being canceled and campus is being evacuated.”
The Houston Police Department also commented on the situation saying, “A Houston Emergency Center call taker received a bomb threat at approximately 1:40 p.m. that mentioned the Texas Southern University Campus. The information was relayed to TSU and they are the point of contact for information. HPD is assisting. ”
The bomb threat was first acknowledged when a Texas Christian student brought the situation to the attention of a resident advisor.

One sophomore student, who identified himself as Ken, said that students were in class at the time that the evacuation was ordered over the intercom.

Students and staff also received emergency warning texts which urged them to leave the campus immediately. Nearby Jack Yates High School was also evacuated after several calls to the police.

Samuel Little: Full Story & Must-See Details
Samuel Little: Full Story & Must-See Details
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