Video Of An Inmate’s Escape Attempt Looks Like Something Out Of A Movie

Surveillance footage from the Hamilton County Courthouse in Cincinnati caught the moment that an inmate decided to risk it all and escape from custody.

Video recorded on Monday, November 5, shows 28-year-old Jeffrey Hope walking out of a holding tank as an attorney calls for a different inmate to come into the room. Once Hope makes his way out of the holding cell, he takes off down a hallway in an effort to escape before being caught by officers and taken back to a holding cell.

While Hope was ultimately caught, the video looks like something out of a movie as the inmate runs with the inspired belief that he may actually escape, despite the fact that he just ran through a room of about 10 police officers.

Hope, who was originally due in court for five counts of criminal trespassing and five counts of theft added third-degree felony for an escape to the charges against him.

via Fox 19:

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office tells FOX19 that is a secure floor of the Courthouse and the only way out is back through the courthouse, which was filled with more deputies.

Hope was slated to appear before a judge for five counts of criminal trespassing and five counts of theft. Hope’s dash down the hallway added a third-degree felony for escape to his list of charges.

Hope is slated to be back in court for both his original and his new charges on November 15. At this time, it is not known what Hope did to be charged with the original five counts of criminal trespassing and five counts of theft.

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