Felix Varela High School Security Guard Arrested — Details

When you’re caught doing what you’re expected not to do, it can often be embarrassing, especially for Jamie Green, who held a job as a school security guard at Felix Varela Senior High School before his arrest. Not only did he ended up losing his job as a security guard, but he might also have to face legal repercussions as well.

What Happened?

A high school security guard was caught with an arsenal of narcotics after authorities found more than 700 grams of marijuana in a drawer, 28 grams of cocaine in multiple areas of his room, a digital scale, and $2000 in cash. According to a citation by police officers, it said that the convict was pulled over in his car by a team of narcotics investigators. They later found about 1 gram of cocaine and a THC cartridge to be hidden in the center console of his car.
His identity was then revealed to the public to be 43 years old Jamie Green, a security guard at Felix Varela High School.
Via Miami Herald:

The monthlong undercover investigation was conducted by detectives from Miami-Dade’s narcotics bureau and the Hammocks district station, along with the State Attorney’s Office. Green is a Miami-Dade schools employee.
A confidential informant working with police detectives made a series of undercover buys from Green in October, all as undercover detectives watched from afar, according to a search warrant. On Monday, detectives following Green in his car saw him make a suspected cocaine sale to a man named Alberto Ferro.
When detectives walked up to arrest Green, he tried to reverse his car and escape, then swallow drugs, according to the search warrant. His customer told police that he knew “that Mr. Green works as a security guard at Felix Varela Senior High school” and had been buying drugs from him during breaks from school for several years, the warrant said.

Currently, Green is locked up at Miami-Dade County Jail and is being charged with multiple counts of cocaine and marijuana dealing, Miami Herald reported.
It is unclear whether Green has ever sold drugs to students at the school, but it is being investigated on whether or not he made sales at a gas station near the high school.
Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokeswoman Jackie Calzadilla issued a response to this incident.
“Miami-Dade County Public Schools expects all employees to exhibit the highest level of professional and personal comportment, whether they are in or out of the school environment,” Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokeswoman Jackie Calzadilla said in a statement. “Actions by employees who demonstrate a lack of good moral character will be handled swiftly. As such, the District is moving to immediately terminate his employment.”

Who Is Jamie Green?

Jamie Green is a 43 years old African-American male who held a position as a security guard officer for 16 years at Felix Varela Senior High School. He resides in Miami, Florida and has a history of selling street-level narcotics to people.

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