Uber Pro & ASU's New College Plan: A Switch Of Lane For Drivers

Uber is rolling out a new program for elite drivers in its company that might take their careers into another lane. Offering to pay their college tuition, Uber Pro might just be one of the newest strategies that will help attract more customers and boost morale for its drivers.

What Is Happening?

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Uber is offering to pay the cost of college for its top drivers or their family member as a part of their new program called Uber Pro.
But before you get too excited, Uber set this programs with criteria and quotas that need to be met. This offer won’t be available to all drivers who qualify for Uber Pro. The catch to this is the dynamics of its system known as “tiered rewards system.” A tiered rewards system is fundamentally geared towards rewarding gifts or redeemable points to customers who spend more. In other words, Uber uses this for its drivers by allowing them to accumulate points by completing more trips. The points can be used to redeem selected offers which undoubtedly encourages more drivers to stay on the road.

Another beneficial thing about this program is that drivers will be able to claim cash back on fuel purchases and car maintenance costs according to Engadget.
Nonetheless, if drivers are qualified, the free tuition Uber covers only applies to online classes taken through Arizona State University.
ASU President Michael Crow and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote a joint opinion post on AZ Central to promote their collaboration.

“Flexibility is foundational to our two enterprises. For Uber, this means being able to earn in ways that fit your schedule. For ASU, this means being able to learn in ways that fit your life. We believe there is an opportunity to bring the power of our platforms together to expand access to flexible work and flexible education, and opportunities that come with both.”
While this offer can be transferred to a family member, may it be a spouse, child, sibling etc, Uber is willing to only cover one person.

What Are The Criteria?

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In order to qualify for Uber Pro, drivers must maintain a customer rating score of 4.85 and above. If the score falls below that bar, they have opportunities to raise it back up before they get removed from the process. However, if the driver’s score reaches below a 4.75, there won’t be any chances to redeem oneself, as they get removed automatically. In a leaked research article by Business Insider, the majority of Uber drivers fall between the scores of a 4.70 and 4.80.
If you’re worried about your own Uber customer rating, here are 9 ways Business Insider recommend to boost it up:

  1. Offer passengers bottled water, chewing gum, snacks, mints, and phone chargers.
  2. Keep your car clean and well-maintained
  3. Dress appropriately.
  4. Open the door
  5. Offer to carry bags
  6. Take the best route
  7. Be nice
  8. Pick up the right rider
  9. Don’t ask for a five-star rating
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