The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2018

While in college, there is literally no better time of the year than October.
The weather is still decent and football season is in full swing. The morning air at tailgates is crisp and the Natty Lights are just as cold. It’s still relatively early in the academic year, so class isn’t too difficult either. Everything is just perfect …and we haven’t even gotten to Halloween.
Halloween Weekend is the crown jewel weekend in the life of a college student. The parties are bigger, the drinks are cheaper, and the costumes … the costumes are usually out of this world.
While guys usually cut corners (as we usually do) as go as something lame like a basketball player or Clark Kent, girls have turned Halloween costumes in an art form. And we aren’t just talking college girls, we’re talking all of them, including celebrities, who once again went all out this year.
But who had the hottest one? We’ll let you decide.

Kim Kardashian As A Victoria’s Secret Angel

Kendall Jenner As A Victoria’s Secret Angel

Emily Ratajkowski as Raquel Welch

Beyonce As Toni Braxton

Kylie Jenner As A Victoria’s Secret Angel

Beyonce As Florence Griffith Joyner

Eiza Gonzalez As Catwoman

Kendall Jenner As A ‘Fembot’ From Austin Powers

Joy Taylor as Dia De Los Muertos Woman & Adams Family Member

Halsey As Poison Ivy

Kylie Jenner As A Bottle Of Fanta

Brie Larson As Samus

Vanessa Hudgens As A Witch & In Latex

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Sophie Skelton: Hottest Photos Of The Internet
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