WATCH: College Student Terrorizes Friends As 'The Rake' With Hilarious Halloween Prank

A student at York College in Nebraska had some fun for Halloween by dressing up as horror film legend “The Rake.” Makayla Martinez, a 19-year-old student at the college, dressed up an all-grey skinsuit of the creature and made her way around the dorm spooking out her peers.
“I had bought the costume after seeing it on Twitter and just got with a few of my friends to go around scaring people,” Martinez said, via “Some people laughed uncontrollably and the people that were being scared thought it was a super creepy costume after everyone asked who I was. People were talking about it and who was behind it for days.”
As people came across Martinez in the dorm, there was a mixture of laughter and screams.
In the end, though, it was all fun.
You can check out the full video below.

What Is The Rake?

The Rake became an internet sensation in the summer of 2003 when witnesses claimed to see a human-like figure in the middle of the night. People who claimed to have encountered the creature reported emotions that ranged from extreme fright and discomfort to playfulness and curiosity.
There have been nearly two dozen documented cases of encounters that feature nearly identical stories across four continents.
Claims of encounters with The Rake date back to the 12th Century.

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