Top 10 Halloween Candy You Must Have Before Halloween Ends

Halloween is approaching faster than you think, which is quite scary. If you don’t have your costumes, you better get going on those. Get your decorations out and child scaring ready. Turn your TV on before you miss another showing of Halloween Town.  It’s almost time for spookfest. But, for most of you, Halloween is much different to others. You could easily make it a big deal, or because of your busy schedule, you will choose to make the holiday memorable next year. If you are this person who just doesn’t have time for Halloween but still need a little bit of the holiday scariness. Stop by your closest grocery store and stock up on candy. During this holiday season they are always half-priced, and if you are smart, you will wait the day after Halloween and get each bag of candy for under $5.00. Don’t know what type of candy to get, don’t be scared we will help you Halloween candy slump. Here are the top 10 Halloween candies you should always have during the scariest holiday of the year.


The classic chocolate bar that can go with everything. Not just like a chocolate bar, but as a lovely topping for any ice cream, s’more, or pastry. And the classic Hershey’s chocolate bar doesn’t stop there. With adding new unique flavors, our taste buds can’t get enough of the chocolaty goodness. While some kids during trick or treating don’t enjoy the plain chocolate bar, most adults pretend to take it away just to get their hands on one.


The colorful chocolate pieces we all can’t resist. This candy would have been higher up the list if we included every M&M flavor. Combine the peanut, peanut butter, pretzel, caramel, and now Nutella M&M would take the gold any day. If we could, we would beg M&M creators to make a bag with a mixed variety of different M&M flavors.


The rainbow taste of Skittles. The one candy that does have different flavors to their colors. No matter which Skittle flavor is your favorite, Skittles manages to test our taste buds with new flavors and colors in our hands. With sour, tropical, wild berry, and so many others you wonder how they come up with such unusual tastes. Our only answer is the rainbow.


The crunch sensation of a Nestle Crunch bar. This was an addiction as a kid. This replaced the plain Hershey bar at Halloween. You were a nobody if you didn’t have a crunch bar in your Halloween bag. Everyone traded for the chocolate covered rice puff bar. A satisfying sensation of soft and crunchy. Something so good, you kept reaching for another one.

Reece’s Pieces

This is nothing like an M&M, Reece’s Pieces are something out of God’s hand. Peanut butter in the middle of a candy shell makes M&M’s look broccoli. There is such a bigger love of peanut butter compare to chocolate, especially when you get older. Peanut butter goes with everything, chocolate doesn’t; it’s a fact.


Peanut butter, thin toffee layers, and chocolate. There three ingredients to create the worlds best mouthwatering chocolate bar. A Butterfinger does wonders with your taste buds. It practically melts in your mouth like butter. Many of us want to cry at its heavenly taste.


Which one is your favorite, left or right? It’s a serious question. You have to pick because there is a complete difference in the cookie, caramel, chocolate ratio. Whatever your preference is, Twix manages to take three different desserts to combine them into a perfect candy stick. Some can come in a fun size bag, no matter how you get your hands on one, enjoy it before you eat it all in one bite.


Another candy stick. But this one has vanilla wafer in-between a chocolate coating.  KitKat’s are the fun, breakable, and tastiest chocolate bar any kid can have. However, please do not be the evil human being who doesn’t break a piece off but instead takes a bite of all four sticks. That is the sin that can never be made up.


Don’t let yourself get hangry, eat a Snickers to get yourself out of that hunger funk. A candy bar with pretty much all the food groups. Carmel, nuts, nougat, and chocolate, pretty hardy for a candy bar. Satisfy your hunger with one of these bad boys.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Bringing in the peanut butter for the win! Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is the candy you wrestle your best friend for that sweet and salty chocolate circle. The tiny, medium and holiday shaped cup can turn people into peanut butter lunatics. It’s something of a dangerous species that we can’t get enough of. Be careful with this one, it may be too tasty to handle.

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