Can You Be Too Old To Trick Or Treat?

Serious question time, can you be too old to trick or treat? It’s a legitimate question. There is no age limit to dressing up on Halloween, but there are some people who believe there should be one for trick or treating. Trick or treating is a tradition amongst many where you dress up as your favorite characters and go around collecting free candy from friendly neighbors. What’s the harm in having teenagers and maybe some twenty-year-olds collecting candy? Some people have a problem with that saying it’s weird, rude to young kids, or even disrespectful. But, in all seriousness, are all these things true? Or can we forget about it and let people have fun on a favorite holiday?

There is a law in Canada that anyone over the age of 16 found trick or treating will be fined $200. We think that is a little extensive to fine a 17-year-old or older for wanting to get free candy. There really isn’t a cut off age for trick or treating which makes some of the rules unclear to many. Some say it should be 16 while others say 18 to 20. This is usually because some teenagers stop dressing up because it’s uncool or their friends decide not to dress up.

But for those who do still dress up and even want to go door to door collecting candy are always being judged by many parents. They say the younger kids aren’t getting the Halloween experience because the older kids are taking over. To them, it’s all about respect. Some older kids could push smaller kids around, they could be rude to adults giving out the candy, or even worse, take the whole bowl instead of taking one candy. That’s not a fun Halloween.

This is where the smart trick or treat kids come in to defend their ages of going out for candy. Parents and young adults have suggested that there can be time slots for certain ages to go out and trick or treat. The younger kids who have early bedtimes can go earlier in the day, and as the night progresses, the older kids can go out.

In reality, there really is not cut off age to trick or treating. You will be looked at weirdly if you are a 30-year-old adult, wearing a strange costume, trick or treating with no kid. But, if you are fine with that and are respectful to other, then go for it. For those of you in your 20s, you can still trick or treat. And if you are too worried about being judged as your younger sibling or cousin if you can join them on their trick or treating adventure. It’s a night where collecting candy is a must, why ruin that fun by staying indoors? Go out and have fun on Halloween.

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