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Andi Matichak is an American-born actress who is best known for her television roles in shows such as 666 Park Avenue, Blue Bloods, and the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.
In 2018, Matichak had a mainstream breakthrough when she starred as Allyson Strode in the horror film Halloween, a direct sequel to the original film from 1978. In Halloween, Matichak played Allyson Strode, the daughter of Judy Greer’s character Karen Strode and the granddaughter of Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode, who starred in the original movie.
Halloween, Matichak’s breakout film, is set forty years after the original film and follows Laurie Strode as she prepares to face Michael Myers in a final confrontation when he returns to Haddonfield, Illinois to finish her off for escaping his killing spree on Halloween night in 1978.
In addition to Halloween, Matichak has also appeared in the films Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss ListMiles, Evol, and Replicate. She has also appeared in multiple TV series, such as Underground, Blue BloodsMaking It: The Series, 666 Park Avenue, The Boonies, and Bathroom Talk.

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