Top 10 College Football Stereotypes You Should Know

College football is one of those sports that everyone watches. Watching the NFL isn’t really the same, those who go to college are amerced in their team because no one like’s to see their university lose. Even if they do hate the sport. Plus, add alcohol and a bunch of your college friends, and you get what’s called a perfect time. Fast forward thirty years and you are still doing the same thing you just can’t do most of the stupid stuff like you did in college. Here are some of our favorite college football stereotypes.

Tennessee Fans

Southern drunk boys are at the top for being the most dangerous college football fans. Fire and drunk boys do not mix. Actually, combining anything with drunk people is not safe, it’s never safe. However, Tennessee fans manage to always play with flamethrowers, drink a bunch, and never make it to the games because they are too occupied with their flamethrowers or passed out in the parking lot.

Miami Fans

In the past year, Miami has turned into the bandwagon team. Two years ago, their games looked like the pipsqueak soccer games where the players got oranges at halftime. Now, since their team is doing good, they suddenly have following. They may have a big fan base behind them, but I bet no fan can define a pass interference.

USC fans

The fans who really don’t care what is going on in the game. All they care about is drinking. They are, probably, the worst fans in college football. They show up late, drink way too much, and leave early because they either met someone or they ran out of booze. The only fans who do care about the game are the player’s parents.

Ohio State Fans

Can you say trash kids? Welcome to the college who love to randomly throw punches at the person next to them. They will never give a crap because their bodies are high on beer and they will never feel anything because their beer bellies will take the blow for them. If you feel like fighting someone head to Ohio State for a great slump fest.

Michigan Fans

Let’s make it as clear as possible for you Michigan fans, you are not good! Young fans who are always confused as to why their team isn’t better. Don’t get us wrong, they are very passionate about their team. Yet they still need that little slap in the face that tells them they suck.

Alabama Fans

Who is your favorite college team? Yeah, Alabama fans think they are better than you.

LSU Fans

Similar to Michigan fans, yet somehow smell a lot like corndogs. We don’t know why or how we are just going to go with it. We do have to admit; LSU fans do party it up like it’s Mardi Gras every Saturday.

Texas Fans

The Bills of college football. Texas has been “back” for eight years, but back for Texas has been 7-5. There is a big hype in the first quarter thinking their team is going to win, but as each quarter ends their disappointment grows, and their hopes of winning are being saved for the next week.

Penn State Fans

Stupid white guys who were always in denial that their team was losing, as well as if their grades are in the trash. They also somehow are in the idea that they are innocent young men who will not enable pedophilia. Excuse us while we go vomit.

Oregon Fans

Behind Alabama fans, Oregon fans think they are the top dog. The team who was once good but and now a complete joke because of their fans and that stupid duck mascot who looks like Donald Duck got held back in college. And yet they still get a bunch of money for new gear.

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