How To Find Your Own Space In College

College is a stressful place, and because college hates every student that attends they must put every issue or stress pain in their faces. All this built up stress needs to be released, and no screaming will not help. You end up getting weird glares and a talk from the college counselor. That is not a good situation, nor a comfortable one. So, to help you through these stressful situations here are our tips and tricks to finding your own space in college.

Go To The Library

If you have piles of homework or just need to finish a small assignment, go to the library. It’s quiet, and no one bothers you in there. It’s literally a place where everyone else around you is working. A library isn’t just to read books, it’s also this magical place to get your work done without getting distracted by friends or roommates. And if you think your friends will go in there and distract you, think again. You have two things on your side, one the fact that it’s a library and some people hate libraries. Second, there is always a scary old librarian that will yell at the slightest noise. So, you are all good in the library.

Coffee Shop

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There are two reasons why a coffee shop is a college student best friend. One, it’s almost like a library but with background music and the smell of coffee in the air. Two, there’s coffee. The beautiful drink that keeps you awake. You get your time alone to work, and you get the heavenly drink of your choice. And in some way, when you need a break, people watching is very enjoyable.

Text Your Roommate

Sometimes some quiet time is all you need to get your focus back together. But, with a roommate that quiet time is never possible. Follow our simple steps to getting that peace and quiet. Take your phone, unlock it. Go to your messages and text your roommate. Tell them you need a half an hour to sleep without them continually asking you about what is for dinner in the dining hall. It’s that simple.

Take A Walk

It’s quick and easy, if it’s a beautiful day out, go for a walk. Sometimes taking a small walk can clear your head of any stress. Even if it’s just for ten minutes or even around the block, it’s something. The fresh air is hugely refreshing, and something about taking a few deep breaths of clean air makes you forget about what you are stressed about. And to up the enjoyment of the walk, plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite playlist. But, whatever you do, do not on any circumstances play any John Mayer unless you want to cry on your walk.

Find An Empty Classroom Or Study Area

Kind of like the library or coffee shop, it’s a place to get some quality time to go finish your work. It’s also a tranquil area where the only thing that is making noise is you breathing. With that quiet space, you get your job done faster and with fewer distractions. To make your chances of not having anyone come into the classroom you are in, politely put a sign on the door that says how long you will be in their working and to please be quiet. Trust us, it works.

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