Meet Tommia Dean, Ex-Kennesaw State Cheerleader Suing School Over Anthem Protests

Tommia Dean, a former Kennesaw State cheerleader, made headlines for suing the university over differences regarding her protest against police brutality and racial discrimination during the national anthem. Dean made an appearance on The View to discuss her protest and her reason for taking a knee.
“After seeing the many killings and the many attacks against minorities by police officers, I thought it was crazy to have that many, and I didn’t think that it was right for minorities to have to walk around and be terrified every day,” she said during her appearance. “And to see a police officer and not know how should I act, what I should do, because it’s a burden to have to walk around and be scared all the time. So I just didn’t think it was right at all.”
In the lawsuit, Dean claims that her civil rights were violated by the university and that Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren and former state Rep. Earl Ehrhart attempted to stop the protests because the five cheerleaders who kneeled were black. The school initially decided to keep cheerleaders off of the field, but ultimately changed their decision.
“I never want to come across as disrespectful to the military, that is not what this protest is about. It is simply about standing up for police brutality against minorities. That is simply it,” Dean said.
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