David Guetta Net Worth 2024: How Much Is David Guetta Worth?

David Guetta is a French DJ and music producer known for his chart-topping albums and frequent collaborations with the biggest names in the music industry. Let’s look at Guetta’s life and career, starting with his net worth.

David Guetta Net Worth As Of 2019: $75 Million

David Guetta’s net worth is estimated to be around $75 million as of 2018. Let’s venture into his early life and career to understand his rise to fame.

Early Life


David Guetta was born in Paris, France on November 7, 1967, to a Moroccan/Italian father and a Belgian mother. He began DJing in Paris clubs as a teenager. On his upbringing, Guetta says, “My parents were extreme left so everything was against the system. I was walking barefoot in the streets of Paris when I was eight. When I started to DJ they hated it, because for them, nightclubs, and all of this life, was terrible and fake.”

Early Career and Breakthrough: 1990-2009


Guetta got his start working as a DJ in various Parisian venues well before electronic/house music hit mainstream popularity. He had a minor club hit when he produced the 1994 song “Up & Away” with American house vocalist Robert Owens. Guetta founded Gum Productions in 2001, landing his first hit single, “Just a Little More Love” with Chris Willis. Guetta’s debut album, sharing a name with this single, was released in 2002, having sold more than 300,000 copies. Guetta’s second album, Guetta Blaster, was released two years later. His third album Pop Life was released in 2007, with the single “Love is Gone” charting on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2009, his fourth studio album, One Love, reached mainstream success with the singles “When Love Takes Over,” “Sexy Bitch,” “Memories,” and “Gettin’ Over You.” One Love was nominated for “Best Electronic/Dance Album” at that year’s Grammy Awards.



Guetta released his fifth studio album Nothing but the Beat in 2011, featuring chart-topping singles like “Where Them Girls At,” “Without You,” “Titanium,” and “Turn Me On.” This album, chronicling his rise to fame, features guest singers Lil Wayne, Taio Cruz, Ludacris, Flo Rida, and more. One year later, this album was re-released with the name Nothing but the Beat 2.0. He released his sixth studio Listen in 2014 to critical and commercial success. Guetta was an instrumental player in bringing house music to mainstream popularity in the 2010’s. Many music producers credit Guetta as a pioneer of the genre, paving the way for younger musicians to a breakthrough in the industry.


David’s “Better When You’re Gone,” will not be out until February 8 but Guetta had just posted a teaser on Twitter.

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