Child Of Pregnant Texas A&M Alum Is Already Rebelling, Is A Longhorns Fan

They say football is like a religion in Texas (do they? I may have just made that up), especially when it comes to college football.
With the University of Texas, Texas A&M, SMU (RIP), TCU, Texas Tech, Baylor (RIP), and the University of Houston, the college football culture is a deep and rich one. And because of that, it goes without saying that the rivalries between these two schools are as passionate as rivalries come.
So, when your unborn child declares his fandom for a rival school before even being born, does that mean he begins his life in time out?
These are questions for Samanta Perkins — a Texas A&M whose sonogram shows her 21-week-old baby doing the famed UT ‘Hook em’ sign — not me.
via CBS Austin:

When the soon-to-be parents went to the doctor this week, they were surprised by what they saw on the sonogram.
“(The tech) asked if we were (University of Texas) Longhorns fans,” Perkins said. “My husband and I just looked at each other.”
When she showed them the screen, all they could do was laugh. Instead of a “Gig ’em,” this future A&M Aggie was flashing a UT “Hook ’em Horns” sign.
Despite the appearance that the little guy is already rooting for their rivals, the University of Texas, Perkins and her husband are not giving up.
“Going to the (Clemson University) game this weekend,” Perkins said. “Starting the brainwashing early.” Perkins was in the Aggie band, while her husband was in the Corps of Cadets.

Samantha and her husband hope their baby will be a fourth-generation Aggie, as his great-grandfather was in the class of 1938, his uncle graduated in 1984, and his mother graduated in 2008.

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