Zina Bash Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Zina Bash Worth?

Zina Bash, a member of Brett Kavanaugh’s team for his Supreme Court confirmation hearing, was the talk of the internet when the hearings began on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Bash was seated directly behind Kavanaugh and cameras caught her rolling her eyes and appearing annoyed while senators delivered their questions.
But while Bash was relatively new to the social media world, she is well-known in Washington, D.C.
Bash, who was named to The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful list in 2017, is married to U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas John Bash III. She is listed as a “law clerk this month for Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.” She also holds a White House job as a special assistant for regulatory reform, legal and immigration policy.
Oh, and she is filthy rich.
How much money has Bash earned throughout her career? Let’s take a look.

Zina Bash Net Worth As Of 2019: Between $1.8 million & $6.75 million

“The young heiress reports [as much as] $18 million in assets, generating passive income of over $1 million last year…. [B]ut instead of using her wealth and connections to sit on a beach, she is using it to immerse herself in conservative politics, first as deputy director of policy for Ted Cruz and now for Trump’s White House,” a tipster told Above the Law.
However, an update to their report showed more modest findings:

UPDATE (9:40 p.m.): Alas, it seems our tipster misread Bash’s disclosure. Item 6 under “Other Assets and Income” is the Zina Gelman Bash 2015 Investment Trust, which contains items 6.1, 6.11, 6.12, and 6.13. So her total assets are actually somewhere between $1.8 million and $6.75 million, and they generate passive income of $350,000. So not an eight-figure fortune — but still not bad for someone in her mid-thirties!

Who Is Zina Bash?

The 35-year-old Bash is married to John Bash, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas. She attended Harvard College and Harvard Law School, before going on to get her MBA from the Wharton School at U Penn. She is currently a member of the Domestic Policy Council at the White House.
Bash and her husband have a daughter together, Maria Izabella, who goes by Mabel.


Zina Bash, net worth in 2019 is somewhere between $1.8 million and $6.75 million.

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