Sinead McNamara: Full Story & Must-See Details Of IG Model

Australian Instagram model Sinead McNamara was found dead from an apparent suicide on a yacht off the coast of Greece on Friday, August 31, 2018, leaving her thousands of fans devastated and local authorities puzzled. McNamara was working as a stewardess aboard Mexican mining tycoon Alberto Baillères’ $190 million yacht Mayan Queen IV, which was anchored off the Greek island of Kefalonia at the time of her death. A member of the boat’s crew found the body of the deceased Australian beauty tangled in nautical ropes on the rear deck of the yacht early Friday morning. McNamara was attended to by a doctor on board the ship, but she died in a helicopter en route to an Athens hospital.

What Happened?

As has become commonplace in the modern lifestyle of the rich and famous, billionaires all over the world are hiring Instagram models to serve as eye candy aboard luxury yachts, private jets, and other examples big business debauchery. This venture turned deadly for Alberto Baillères, as he learned early Friday morning when Sinead McNamara’s body was found amidst a web of ropes on the back of his massive yacht. Though Baillerès was reportedly not on board at the time of McNamara’s death, the boat was under investigation by Greek authorities, preventing him from leaving port until Monday, September 4. A Greek coroner confirmed that the cause of death was hanging, but no other details have been discovered thus far. It is believed that this was a suicide, as McNamara had been seen talking intimately with various members of the crew in the hours leading up to her death. Sources speculate that a break up with her boyfriend may have been the impetus for her suicidal actions, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

Who is Sinead McNamara?

Sinead McNamara was a 20-year-old Australian Instagram model who, before her death, had reportedly been working on the Mayan Queen IV as a crew member for four months. Originally from Port Macquarie, New South Wales, McNamara had amassed a following of around 14,000 Instagram followers before her death. Her sister and mother were reportedly on their way to Greece to visit her when McNamara allegedly took her own life. Though early reports suggest no foul play, Greek authorities are examining this case to officially determine the circumstances of Sinead McNamara’s death.
This tragic story serves as a sobering reminder that external validation can be antithetical to inner peace.

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