Ally Goff: Hottest Photos of Brogan Roback's Girlfriend

Every summer, as a little entertainment appetizer to the upcoming NFL season, HBO’s Hard Knocks blesses our television screen and drops us into the lives of NFL players — both stars and fringe free agents — during training camp. And every season — it doesn’t matter if it’s with Rex Ryan’s Jets or Hue Jackson’s Browns — random stars of the show come out of nowhere. Brogan Roback was that character in season 13 of the HBO show.
Despite the fact that Roback, who played college football at Eastern Michigan and is currently the Eagles’ all-time leader in passing touchdowns and total yards, was never going to see the field (given that he was behind #1 overall pick Baker Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor), he developed into a viral star any due to his laidback, Cali bro-esque vibe.
But while Brogan was the star of the first few episodes of Hard Knocks, it was his girlfriend Ally Goff that stole the spotlight in the season finale. The two met while attending Eastern Michigan University.
Yes, Brogan ultimately got cut from the squad, but we have a feeling he’s going to be just fine, no matter how his professional football career pans out.

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