DOJ Says Harvard Curbs Asian-American Admissions

Back in December 2017, the United States Justice Department concluded that Harvard University’s use of affirmative action was “out of compliance” with federal law.

Now, eight months later, attorneys for the Department of Justice said the record of evidence shows Harvard’s race-based admissions process significantly disadvantages Asian-American applicants compared to applicants of other racial groups.

The DOJ released a 40-page statement of interest on Thursday, August 30.

“The evidence, moreover, shows that Harvard provides no meaningful criteria to cabin its use of race; uses a vague ‘personal rating’ that harms Asian-American applicants’ chances for admission and may be infected with racial bias; engages in unlawful racial balancing; and has never seriously considered race-neutral alternatives in its more than 45 years of using race to make admissions decisions,” the attorneys said.

In addition, The Hill reports the Department of Justice urged the court to reject Harvard’s request to issue a summary judgment in its favor without going to trial.

Affirmative action is the widely known policy of favoring members of a disadvantaged group of people who have suffered from past or current discrimination. It is meant to bridge inequalities in employment and pay, increase access to education, promote diversity, and redress apparent past wrongs, harms, or hindrances.

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