The 5 Greatest College Basketball Stadiums In The Nation

With how many teams there are in the world of college football, everyone is always looking for an advantage over their opponents. One of the most established and proven advantages a team can have is a great home court. Some home courts are dominant due to their large size and ability to hold many fans, where others are so small that it feels like the fans are on the court with the athletes. No matter the reason, a great home court can be huge for a team trying to get a leg up on their opponents. Here are the five greatest stadiums in college football.

1. Allen Fieldhouse

The Allen Fieldhouse is home to the University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball team. The Allen Fieldhouse opened in 1955 and has been used by the University of Kansas ever since. Named for legendary coach Phog Allen, who was trained under James Naismith (the inventor of basketball), the Allen Fieldhouse has become one of the greatest home-field advantages in all of sports. In 2010, ESPN named the Allen Fieldhouse the loudest arena in the nation and the Kansas fans broke the Guinness World Record for the loudest arena in February of 2017.

2. The Palestra

The Palestra is the home stadium to the University of Pennsylvania Quakers and is used by not only the men and women’s basketball teams but also several other of the school’s teams such as their wrestling and volleyball programs. The Palestra opened in 1927 and is commonly referred to as the “Cathedral of College Basketball” due to its intimate size and historical importance. When it first opened, the Palestra was one of the largest arenas in the world despite the fact that it sat less than 10,000 people. The Palestra has hosted more regular season and playoff games than any other stadium in the nation. In 2000, a museum celebrating the basketball tradition in Philadelphia was added to the stadium.

3. Cameron Indoor Stadium

Cameron Indoor Stadium is home to the Duke Blue Devils basketball program. Cameron Indoor opened in 1940 under the name Duke Indoor Stadium but was renamed in 1972 after former Duke coach Eddie Cameron. Duke has won over 84% of their home games since the stadium was opened, with a record of 832-154. Over the last 15 seasons, Duke has won over 93% of their home games, with only the Allen Fieldhouse having a better home-win percentage.

4. Hinkle Fieldhouse

The Hinkle Fieldhouse is home to the Butler University Bulldogs. First opened in 1928, the Hinkle Fieldhouse was the largest basketball stadium in the country, able to hold over 15,000 people. It was renamed in 1966 from the Butler Fieldhouse to the Hinkle Fieldhouse in honor of former Butler coach Tony Hinkle. Fans often refer to the Hinkle Fieldhouse as “Indiana’s Basketball Cathedral” due to the deep ties it carries in the state’s basketball history. Hinkle Fieldhouse, much like the Palestra, is notable as it is built so that the fans sit very close to the court with no barrier between them, giving the arena a unique energy during games.

5. Carrier Dome

The Carrier Dome is the home stadium of the Syracuse Orange basketball and football programs. While the Carrier Dome may not have the same history as the other entries on this list, it still holds a special mark in the college basketball world. The Carrier Dome opened in 1980 with the sponsored name Carrier, a producer of HVAC systems based out of Syracuse, New York. The two features that really make the Carrier Dome so impressive is its size and location. The Carrier Dome can seat over 35,000 fans for a basketball game and over 50,000 fans for a football game, making it the largest college basketball arena in the nation. Additionally, the Carrier Dome is located on-campus, which is rare for arenas of this size. Of the three largest college basketball stadiums (Carrier Dome, Rupp Arena in Lexington and KFC Yum! Center in Lousiville) the Carrier Dome is the only one located on campus.

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