Georgia Gibbs: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Georgia Gibbs, a rookie member of the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit class, has been gaining popularity on social media in recent months. The 23-year-old model, who competed against Tegan Martin for the title of Miss Universe Australia in 2014, is represented by Scoop Management Australia, Modelwerk EU, 2mgmt Los Angeles and Wilhelmina New York City.
Gibbs was a Season 8 contestant in Australia’s Next Top Model. She was also a dancer growing up and was involved in horse riding.
“I was a dancer. That was my thing. My best moment when I was 16, I was dancing in a group with like 22-year-olds, I was a badass. We were dancing to Beyoncé songs, wearing these little two-pieces, and my dad was like, ‘Okay that’s enough,'” she said via Sports Illustrated. “That was the high-point of my career, though, when I was dancing so young but at a high level.”
While Gibbs is Australian, she currently lives in the United States.
And in case you were wondering, yes, Gibbs does read the Instagram comments so go ahead and shoot your shot if you’re slick and not a weirdo.
“I definitely read the comments. I should read less of them. It’s not so bad. I’m not sensitive. Most of the time it’s girls being like, ‘You look amazing.’ I’m really bad though, I read all of them. I should probably read it less. I had one that was really weird, I had a comment that was like, ‘If you fly to where I am, I’ll make you a princess.’ Then eight other guys were commenting, ‘She’s my princess, no she’s my princess.’ And I was sitting over here being like, ‘I’m no one’s princess.’ You get some really weird groups of guys sometimes.”
You can check out more photos of Georgia in the gallery above or by heading over and clicking that follow button on her Instagram account.

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