Cantinflas: Google Doodle Celebrates Mexican Comic Actor Mario Moreno
One of the funniest men to ever grace the world, Mexican comic actor and philanthropist Cantinflas, was described by some as “the world’s greatest comedian.” On Sunday, Aug. 12, Google celebrated his life with its daily Doodle on what would have been the actor’s 107th birthday.
Born Mario Moreno in Mexico City, Cantinflas appeared in dozens of movies and even captured the heart of American audiences as Passepartout in the 1956 film Around the World in 80 Days.
In the Google Doodle, a number of Cantinflas’ most iconic roles are portrayed including the 1940’s Ahi esta el detalle, Margarito/El Siete Machos in the 1951 film El Siete Machos, and Padre Sebastian in the 1964 project El padrecito.
Check out the Google Doodle for Sunday, Aug. 12 and more information on Cantinflas below.

Who Is Cantinflas?

Cantinflas was born Aug. 12, 1911, as Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno. He was born in the Mexico City slum Santa Maria la Ribera, before growing up in the tough neighborhood of Tepito. He was the son of an impoverished mail carrier and often used his rough upbringing to play witty, underdog roles.
Mario Moreno went by the stage name of Cantinflas, which has no literal meaning, to hide the fact he was involved in the entertainment industry from his family.
Cantinflas, who was known as the Charlie Chaplin of Mexico, was president of one of the Mexican actors’ guilds known as Asociación Nacional de Actores (ANDA, “National Association of Actors”) and as first secretary general of the independent filmworkers’ union Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Producción Cinematográfica (STPC).
After his acting career, Cantinflas dedicated much of his time to charity and philanthropy, helping the Roman Catholic Church and orphanages.
Cantinflas died of lung cancer in 1993 at the age of 81 after being a lifelong smoker. His funeral was a national event, with thousands of spectators gathering over the course of three days to celebrate and honor his life.

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