Top 5 Best Animated Movies Of All Time

Let’s take a look back into our childhood, shall we? The colorful characters we all wished were real, but sadly they weren’t. At least the plush toys added to the belief, and still, do. We can’t help but admit we will binge watch these movies at any moment in time, even when we are old and wrinkly, these movies will be a classic in our hearts. Without further ado, here are the top five best-animated films of all time.


Who can forget the lovable green ogre, pushing away the Shrek is love, Shrek is life video. That is not the film we are talking about, we are talking about the original the one with Lord Farquaad. Thanks to the success of the first movie it got one amazing sequel that is probably better than the first, followed by two films that we choose not to relate to the Shrek theme. And turns out there is a third in the works and hopefully, we like this one. But, sidestepping from the lesser Shrek movies, we always love to go back to the classic that started it all. And I’m sure we are all the fans who tried farting next to a fire and see if it becomes a flamethrower.


You would think a movie with not that much of a script wouldn’t do that well, but our favorite trash box robot wins our hearts. Probably, one of the cutest Disney movies all about robots teaching fat people how to walk and live on earth. It’s like a messed up Terminator. We secretly want a sequel, but why try to make it better when it’s already a great movie? Leave it the way it is. With the amazing graphics of space when WALL-E and EVE are flying around the spaceship, all you can say is “wow.” And that’s what WALL-E is, it’s a wow movie.

Spirited Away

A Japanese animated film that tells a coming of age story of a girl entering the spirit world. A crazy movie most people would have a hard time watching, it’s something of a masterpiece. Strange storyline but somehow you are hooked the whole time. With the animation, music, and the way the story moves makes the film something fans can’t get enough of. Adults who saw this movie as a kid still watch it on repeat. It’s a movie that will never get old.

Toy Story

Toys that come to life when you aren’t looks, kind of creepy right? Well, not for Pixar. One of the first full-length computer-animated films to come out, Toy Story blows all animated virgin minds and introduces a new world that is still growing. Toy Story’s success has built up so much, Pixar is in the works of a fourth movie set to release in the next couple years. Our favorite cowboy and crime-fighting spaceman take our minds into a world where toys have lived amongst us humans. Now, admit it, sometimes you would listen through your door to see if your toys were alive.

The Lion King

Who can forget The Lion King? Disney’s best and beautiful works of art. This movie gave us love, life, death, and Timon and Pumbaa. The first three seconds you see the sunrise and your ears are filled with Disney’s most famous song that we still sing today. The animation of the animals and the scenery makes us want to travel to Africa. Disney saw it’s success and is now creating a live-action remake that we can not wait to see. We have high expectations for Disney with this new film, so they better not mess up. But, who are we kidding once we hear those first three seconds of Circle of Life our hearts will be in a small puddle of happiness.

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