Latinx Students Bring New Sorority, Fraternity To Kansas State

A new sorority and fraternity have been introduced at Kansas State University thanks to an effort led by Latinx students on campus. It started with Yulisa Enriquez looking for a group to fit in with after wanting to be a part of greek life, but Sigma Lambda Gamma was the only Latina sorority on campus. Eventually, Enriquez enlisted the help of an older friend and brought Kappa Delta Chi to Kansas State. The junior is now president of the sorority which has introduced 13 members.
“I felt like I didn’t really have a group I fit in with really well, and I really did want to be part of greek life and especially keep on that legacy that my sister was also in,” Enriquez said, via the Mercury. “I know for a while I would think about it and talk about it, but nothing really went through. And so I started taking action.”
After seeing Enriquez’s efforts, her friend Eric Valenzuela decided to bring the Omega Delta Phi university to Kansas State, again because there was only one Hispanic fraternity on campus and he wanted a more diverse representation in greek life.
While the new sorority and fraternity are Latin-founded, they are not Latin-based so they can accept members of all backgrounds.
“It just kind of helps you see the different ways people grew up and their struggles and kind of appreciate more your own heritage and your own culture,” Enriquez said.
The sorority and fraternity have already begun making waves on campus, holding a fundraiser where they sold traditional Mexican snacks and also visiting a local high school to discuss preparation for college. The sorority went on to volunteer at a local soup kitchen with the Verde Clovers, a multicultural 4-H Club.
It’s great seeing motivated students on campus coming together to make a positive difference and to promote inclusion for all.

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