Seth Rogen Tweets Awesome Fun Facts About 'Pineapple Express' For Its 10-Year Anniversary

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of ‘Pineapple Express’, Seth Rogen — the writer and co-star of the legendary stoner comedy — tweeted out a bunch of fun facts about the now-classic comedy.

1. Rogen rolled most of the joints used in the film:

“In Pineapple Express, me and my co-writer Evan had to roll all the cross joints needed to film (about 100) ourselves because nobody else on the crew could roll them properly.”

2. They came up with the name for the movie years prior:

“The name Pineapple Express was around for years before the movie. It’s a Hawaiian weather system that sometimes hits the Pacific Northwest, which is where we’re from. Evan heard the name and said “that would be a great name for a movie.” Years later we found a perfect fit.”

3. Pineapple Express became a real weed strain because of the movie:

“There was NO strain of weed called Pineapple Express when we made the movie. We said ‘if one day, people are out there selling weed called Pineapple Express, it worked’.”

4. Franco cracked Danny McBride’s head up with a bong:

“Throughout the fight scene in Red’s house in Pineapple Express, I broke my finger and Danny McBride got his head cracked open when Franco hit him with the bong.”

5. There’s a legit reason Franco’s character wears a headband:

“The reason Saul wears a headband in Pineapple Express is the result of another injury. There’s a shot (that’s in the movie) when we are running through the woods, Franco hits his head on a tree. He actually hit his head on a screw that was holding a pad in place and got stitches.”

6. Seth was originally supposed to play the pot dealer Saul & Franco was supposed to play Dale:

“We wrote Pineapple Express express for me to play Saul and Franco to play Dale. James wanted to switch roles, and I didn’t care that much, so we did.”

7. Some of the dick drawings from Superbad were filmed on the set of Pineapple Express:

“The shots of the dick drawings on the principals desk in Superbad was actually filmed on the set of Pineapple Express in the woods while we were shooting Dale and Saul destroying their cell phones.”

8. Danny McBride was too funny to kill:

“In Pineapple Express, Red was originally supposed to die the first time he was shot when he was tied up in his apartment, but we thought Danny Mcbride was so funny that we just kept bringing him back to life.”

This isn’t the first time that Rogen has utilized Twitter to celebrate the anniversary of one of his movies, as he also tweeted out fun facts about Knocked Up back in August 2017.

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