Why Do People Cosplay At Comic-Con?

When you were a kid, there were moments of wanting or dreaming of being a superhero or a princess. Sometimes your favorite cartoon characters where the people you looked up to. It was appropriate to dress up as those characters for Halloween or on a Saturday afternoon at home. Today, some of us have those same feelings of wanting to be a superhero or princess, but that isn’t possible because we are all adults. If we dress up on a Saturday afternoon, we are looked at as freaks or weirdoes. There is one place that does allow any age or gender to dress up in their dream character.


San Diego Comic-Con or any comic convention for that matter allows everyone to come as they truly are. People stand taller than average, dressing up gives people a confidence builder. Superhero’s and princesses are known to be confident characters, they know how to keep their heads up and learn from mistakes. Every movie and TV show shows the hero losing, then as the end they overcome their mistakes or issues and become the hero they genuinely are. People see that and want to be just like them. Dressing up is their home away from home.
Put someone in the shoes of their favorite hero and stick them in a place where they know they will never be judged, it’s like Christmas to them. There are never any frowns at comic con, it’s all smiles walking around. Kids take pictures seeing people dressed up. They see the hero’s in front of them and jump for joy. Those people dressed as their characters make them feel even stronger in their confidence and happiness as the hero they have always dreamed of being.


Some people take weeks and months to create their costumes. They show their creativity in each detail of the fabric they wear. It makes their convention experience better than the last. There are other’s who buy regular Halloween costumes, but there is no shame. They are having fun and enjoying their time dressing up, so they should be allowed to do what they want. It’s your choice and your happiness.
It’s all about being comfortable with who you are, inside and out. Comic-Con is a pace to be your inner kid without anyone judging or bullying you like in middle school or high school. There should never be any hesitations with dressing up, everyone else is going to be doing it, so why not join them? And everyone should enjoy it while it lasts because SDCC only comes once a year. It’s like a weekend-long Christmas.

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