Clemson Tigers Football 2018-19: Predictions & Preview

While Clemson has been on a path to the dynasty, the weaker ACC has played a large part in allowing that. With high expectations — every season — only two or three teams tend to end up ranked. This is drastically worse than the other Power Five conferences like the Big 12 or the Big Ten that produce two or three national contenders each season. With that said, Clemson has proved themselves and have won a title keeping the ACC afloat. Here is a breakdown of the upcoming 2018 season.

2018-2019 Summary

The strength of schedule plays no more prominent role in any sport other than college football. A weak Power Five conference can set up any team for a dynasty. Clemson has lived off this in their rise to the top. En route to becoming a perennial national championship contender, Clemson consistently has beaten their weaker opponents while surviving one or two real challenges each year. 2018 will be no different, in fact, this will be an even smoother ride for the Tigers. This is not to stay that Dabo Swinney hasn’t done an incredible job with Clemson and his ability to develop defenses along with quarterback play, but it has certainly helped that he only sees about two or three max ranked opponents each season that he has brought them to the playoffs. In the non-conference games, Texas A&M sticks out, however with Texas A&M under new leadership, they are an unknown at this point. It is safe to say the Tigers have the superior talent in that matchup along with chemistry. As far as ACC play goes, any of those games are subject to coming down to the wire, yet if Clemson is to lose a game this year, it will likely come at the hands of either Florida State, NC State, or a rising Duke Blue Devils team. The season finale with in-state rival South Carolina also possess a threat, but Clemson should be able to take care of business.

Record: Wins 12, Losses 0

Week 1: Clemson 45, Furman 10 (W)
Week 2: Clemson 35, Texas A&M 17 (W)
Week 3: Clemson 52, Georgia Southern 14 (W)
Week 4: Clemson 28, Georgia Tech 13 (W)
Week 5: Clemson 41, Syracuse 17 (W)
Week 6: Clemson 38, Wake Forest 7 (W)
Week 7: Bye
Week 8: Clemson 24, NC State 21 (W)
Week 9: Clemson 41, Florida State 24 (W)
Week 10: Clemson 28, Louisville 17 (W)
Week 11: Clemson 27, Boston College 20 (W)
Week 12: Clemson 33, Duke 23 (W)
Week 13: Clemson 23, South Carolina, 21 (W)

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